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rassiekins's Journal

20 November
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My name is Rassiekins, or Nicole if you know me in real life. I am a 23 year old child. I have attended a culinary school to learn the ways of a Pastry Chef. I have seven brothers and sisters, countless cousins, four neices and a nephew. I have one grandmother still living. I live with my little sister (20) and my mother, but I've decided not to be ashamed of that. My father died when I was 12 almost 13. I am a Christian but I don't live by the Bible or the Church. I live life as I think God wants me to.
I am a lesbian, and I've never really had a girlfriend. Again, I've decided not to be ashamed of that. I am currently unemployed for the well being of other people, because the last time I was employed I wanted to kill people, in specific children. I have horrible bouts of rage that I just barely control, and I have suffered from depression for as long as I can remember. I am a writer who no longer writes much. I am suicidal and probably should be locked up.
In short, I'm pretty FUBAR.